Multi-Dimensional Cybersecurity

We bring you innovative, customized, and affordable vendor-agnostic cybersecurity solutions based on your immediate needs while also aligning with your business strategy and operations.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Do you know where you stand in relation to all facets of cyber security, especially in comparison to your peers?

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Do you think being compliant means that you’re secure? Go beyond check-box compliance and consider your entire business.

Infrastructure Security

Is your IT infrastructure secure by design? Stop wasting valuable resources fixing the wrong things.

Corporate Security Solutions

Protecting your vulnerable data by aligning cybersecurity with your business strategy and operations.

Government Cybersecurity Solutions

Working with governments to keep the public’s sensitive information protected from cybercrime.

Startup and SMB Cybersecurity Solutions

Helping the small business owner and startup find their way through the complexities of securing your data and intellectual property.

Managed Service Provider Partnerships

By becoming a partner with True North Cyber, you will enjoy the benefits of providing a comprehensive suite of services and technology which addresses security needs and prevents your clients from seeking a solution elsewhere.