Government Cybersecurity Solutions

Federal Government Agencies

As technology & data continue to grow, & cyber breaches and intrusions continue to rise, government clients must be able to quickly adapt to drive new areas of efficiency, cost savings, and data security.

True North Cyber Solutions understands first-hand the scope of services needed through experience managing and supporting all aspects of IT operations and cybersecurity in multiple government agencies. We have been successful in establishing day-to-day IT operations programs, developing and deploying complete cybersecurity programs, designing vulnerability assessment and management programs, and engineering multiple platform migrations. Additionally, we have helped multiple Federal customers prepare for FISMA and other regulatory security audits including Federal Financial Management Systems audits Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI), and countless NIST and DOD Risk Management Framework validation audits.

US State Government Agencies

State governments hold a vast amount of data about citizens, including personally identifiable information such as Social Security numbers, driver‚Äôs license information, and tax and financial information.

State government databases also have become attractive targets for cybercriminals, who sell the data for personal gain or use it to access government networks or services, disrupt critical infrastructures, or to expose or embarrass governments and officials.

Citizens are often required to provide certain types of data to state government agencies, so protecting that information and maintaining the public’s trust is critically important. 

All states have security measures in place to protect data and systems. Today, at least 32 states have enacted statutes that require state government agencies have security measures in place to ensure the security of the data they hold. Many of these laws have been enacted in just the past two to three years, as cybersecurity threats and attacks against the government have increased.

Local Government Agencies

While you might think that cybercriminals are more likely to attack major cities because they have more data to take, hackers are also aware that large cities have larger budgets for IT personnel and security systems than smaller communities. Many attacks are starting to favor the prospect of going after the low-hanging fruit by targeting smaller cities, counties, and towns that have small budgets for cybersecurity.

Unlike large government systems, local government computer systems tend to be decentralized. The lack of coordinated systems and controls gives cybercriminals the opportunity to leverage vulnerabilities at multiple levels.

The fact is that cybersecurity is affordable. There are ways for nearly all local governments to protect themselves at a cost they can afford and we can help guide your elected officials and professional government representatives.

Whether an enterprise data center or cloud hosting, security must be a vital component of your hosting infrastructure. Just as technology moves rapidly, so do threats and the need to prepare against any potential cyber-attacks. These preparations must cover the entire system, from its infrastructure and code to the supporting personnel and processes.

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