Cybersecurity Consulting

Our Cybersecurity Services include a comprehensive risk analysis of threats and vulnerabilities to your system, the likelihood of an attack, and the impact a breach could have on your organization’s mission and overall security environment. When defining solutions to harden your organization’s security, we take a balanced approach, keeping in mind the need for mission-based system performance while ensuring a secure environment.

Our expert team includes a mixture of personnel with FISMA, NIST, OWASP, and RMF knowledge, allowing us to confidently assess security threats without the limitations that policy or technical-centric teams face. With our lifecycle Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Information System Security Engineering services, our customers receive critical support and leading-edge security solutions that stay ahead of emerging threats.

Our consultancy services are divided into three categories – Assessments, Prevention, and Detection. Detailed info for the services can be found on the following pages.