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We send a realistic phishing email. Instead of being malicious, victims will be educated on what they could have done to identify it and how to report it.

Service Overview

Phishing, or Business Email Compromise (BEC), is currently the preferred (and easiest) method for an attacker to breach a network. During our Phishing Assessment, we send a realistic phishing email to your users. However, instead of it being malicious the users are educated on what they could have done to identify the phishing email.

Our consultants will discuss your concerns around phishing and suggest some objectives to educate staff about this topic and other associated areas. The output is a campaign to assess the likelihood of staff falling victim to phishing as well as to, more importantly, educate them about phishing techniques and how they can identify and thwart an attack.

Service Details

When we conduct a phishing assessment, we send a very realistic phishing email to groups of employees to see how many fall for the ruse and in doing so, assess the need for further user awareness training.

We can either run the Phishing Assessment as a managed service or work with you to identify which assessment product best suits your needs, resell it, configure it, and get you started on a phishing assessment campaign.