Security Framework Compliance

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Achieve the required level of defined security standards through an independent audit and become certified.

Service Overview

Cyber security compliance frameworks and standards are designed to demonstrate that an organization has achieved the level of security defined within that standard and has been independently audited and certified as having met that standard.

Our consultants will work with you to understand which cyber security frameworks and standards you need to comply with.  

A large part of being compliant is having the presence of policies which define how you satisfy various controls. We have a wealth of cyber security policies on hand which we can adapt for use within your organization.

Service Details

We will assess your organization to see if you satisfy the controls within the selected security framework, such as NIST, DOD RMF, COBIT, CIS, PCI DSS, etc.

The output will be a gap analysis, outlining where you don’t comply with the certification. We can then work with you to implement any changes that are required and if the certification permits it, audit you again and certify you.

Note: Some standards do not permit the same consultancy to implement a framework and audit it, as it might constitute a conflict of interest. Our consultants will advise on this, though we do also have partners who can provide independent implementation or auditing.

We can also provide some great tools and services, such as monitoring and scanning which are geared towards maintaining compliance!