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An on-hand, trusted advisor to help you on your cyber security journey.

Service Overview

Our vCISO service provides organizations with access to experienced security executives who can assist in the design, implementation, and ongoing oversight of framework based security programs.

The scope of these services can be narrow or broad depending on your business need, addressing the needs of a specific project or process, or addressing your macro security environment.  So whether the need is to securely integrate a new acquisition, select and implement new security technology, or facilitate the modernization of your company’s security posture, we can help.

With our expertise and experience, we efficiently and flexibly assist our clients in the planning and implementation of their security programs. 

Having a Cyber Security Subject Matter Expert as a full-time employee could prove to be prohibitively expensive, especially in a smaller business where they may not be fully utilized. True North Cyber offers a service for an on-demand ‘virtual’ Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), where the level of engagement is tailored to your business needs and to your budget.  

An effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) understands the environment that a business operates in. They can prioritize the controls that need to be applied to corporate and personal information to manage risk. A Virtual CISO is someone who is not only on tap but proactively engaging with you as situations arise.

Service Details

Your vCISO can undertake a variety of activities, as determined by a preliminary scoping of the role – from responding to your questions and security issues to conducting onsite visits, attending meetings, and delivering briefings. 

Once your vCISO has been selected, they will work with you to scope the requirement and build a roadmap for delivery. You will also have access to True North Cyber’s threat intelligence updates: the latest security updates and notifications of relevant vulnerabilities to your declared assets. ​

The number of days required each week or month may vary according to what is being delivered and will be reviewed every 3 months, providing you with flexibility and budgetary control.

vCISO Benefits include: 

Regulatory and compliance role satisfaction.

Understanding of emerging threats to the organization.

Thorough knowledge of most applicable security technologies.

Impact analysis of regulation or compliance changes.

Risk analysis of organizational changes.