Unified Threat Management

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Our unified threat detection service provides you with numerous cyber security products in one simple, affordable, scalable solution. 

Service Overview

Our consultants work with you to manage your cyber security within a predefined monthly budget. We can either take a supporting role, where our managed service feeds into your existing cyber security capability, or a more active role where we inform other departments and/or executives when an issue has been detected.

Whilst our ever-popular vCISO service provides advice and support, our Unified Threat Management service installs a virtual sensor inside your network to keep an eye on your security. It is managed by our cyber security staff and we alert you if anything worrying occurs. 

Service Details

We deploy our Unified Threat Management sensor (UTM) within your network. This collects all the logs from your devices, monitors the network traffic (IDS), and scans everything inside your network for vulnerabilities which an attacker might exploit. It also monitors cloud services such as Office 365, G-Suite, and AWS. Our UTM appliance also provides functions such as: antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, network firewalling, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering and leak prevention.

We manage and monitor the output while you can view the systems security outputs in one simple dashboard. The sensor also allows us to quickly map your assets, set access notifications on critical data files, and detect intrusions or suspicious behavior to support your GDPR and PCI compliance.

  • Detect the latest threats with a single low-cost and easy to manage sensor that can replace multiple security software products
  • Prioritize the threats that put your business at risk. Quickly attaining compliance for GDPR, ISO27001, and PCI DSS
  • Outsourced configuration management and analysis by professionals producing high level, easily digestible reports.