Insider Threat Prevention

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A thorough analysis of the rights and access of every user on your network can often prevent problems.

Service Overview

An insider threat can happen when someone close to an organization with authorized access misuses that access to negatively impact the organization’s critical information or systems. This person does not necessarily need to be an employee – third party vendors, contractors, and partners could pose a threat as well. Do you know who has access into everything on your network? We can help you find out!

Service Details

To prevent insider threat activity, we work with you to fine-tune each user’s privileges and permissions, ensuring they have just enough to do their job.  We also identify information which might attract a rogue user and apply measures to ensure it can only be accessed by authorized staff.

In order for Insider Threat Prevention to be fully effective, a defense-in-depth strategy is required. This goes beyond the technical measures which prevent sensitive data exiting a network boundary. This includes but is not limited to deterrence activities and policy checks.