IT Risk Assessments

Identify and Stop Threats with an IT Risk Assessment

As the threats to your organization’s security continue to grow, an IT risk assessment is an integral part of a comprehensive security program. An IT risk assessment can help you understand, manage, and mitigate all kinds of risk, from minor risks to catastrophic threats and well-known hazards to emerging dangers.

Performing an IT risk assessment as part of an IT security audit is a highly complex undertaking and one that most in-house IT departments lack the resources and expertise to execute well. When you need an assessment partner with exceptional experience in information risk management, the security professionals at True North Cyber can provide unparalleled expertise and know-how. Our consultants and partners have extensive experience in US government IT security, NIST RMF, financial services, legal, and medical information technology and the inherent risk these systems pose. We also understand the complex architectures required to properly secure and protect the most sensitive data.