Vulnerability Assessments

Scanning your network and systems for vulnerabilities which an attacker might use against you. 

Service Overview

The Vulnerability Assessment is probably one of the most common cyber security checks we offer. They enable your network and systems to be checked and to identify ways which an attacker might use your vulnerabilities against you.

A Vulnerability Assessment or Scan is a (mostly) automated test of computer systems which looks for vulnerabilities. Unlike a Penetration Test, it does not try to exploit any vulnerabilities. Instead, it just reports on them. As they are mostly automated, many systems can be checked at a time, this makes Vulnerability Assessments extremely cost-effective.

Service Details

We offer comprehensive vulnerability assessments of your chosen environment to cover a multitude of common threats. Our scans are usually credentialed, which means that they not only look at what your systems are presenting to the outside world, but they also log onto each system and run thorough checks to identify any known issues and to check that the systems comply with a number of cyber security standards. To do this manually would take hours per host, however, our automated scans run in a fraction of the time and without the risk of human error.

We can offer one-time vulnerability assessments as well as recurring assessments. This service is especially effective at helping you determine the effectiveness of your current security program and is often requested by Managed Service Providers to validate their performance.

Choose from our ‘Raw,’ ‘Lite Touch,’ and ‘Fully Analyzed’ service packages to find a competitively priced service level to meet your specific needs.

Raw: You receive the results directly from the scanning tool and have to interpret them yourselves, a level of cyber security expertise is required on your part.

Lite Touch: Our experts will go through the report and provide an overview of the findings, a level of IT knowledge is required on your part.

Fully Analyzed: Our analysts will review the output and work with you to prioritize the results and any remediation which might be required.