Business Cybersecurity Solutions

Don’t Let an Attack Destroy Your Business

Increase the Visibility of Security Issues

Identify Flaws Before Criminals Do

Enhance Security in Real-time

Many small businesses do not take cybersecurity seriously, either because of budgetary constraints or because they are confused about how to move forward.

Unfortunately, they do not understand the very real and disruptive effect a security breach can have on their strategy and goals. Unless you have an executable cybersecurity plan in place, your business is vulnerable to an attack.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services

We will evaluate the risks related to security issues and help you create processes to eliminate as much risk as possible.

  • Application Assessment Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Testing
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Cloud Security Assessments

Managed Security Services

We offer cybersecurity management services, such as compliance and risk management, managed detection and response, vulnerability management, and managed incident response retainer services. Our managed security service team will manage all things security.

  • Managed Detect and Respond Services
  • Cyber Threat Exposure Management Consulting
  • Data Protection Management Consulting
  • Third-Party Risk Management Consulting
  • Cloud Security Sustainment Consulting
  • Digital Identity Management
  • Managed Privacy Consulting
  • Supply Chain Security Management
  • Security Operations & Cybersecurity Consulting

Cyber Advisory Services

Our advisory services enable your company’s information security environment to operate more securely and efficiently. We will assess your infrastructure and applications to identify information security risks that affect your enterprise and work to ensure compliance and standards are met. Our comprehensive security advisory services include security program development, risk management, incident response, and thorough security risk assessments to customized training.

Our advisory service will provide guidance and oversight in creating an information security and risk management program. This includes directing security strategy, deciding on project priorities, recommending security policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual requirements, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of the information security program, and serving as an advocate of the information security program for your organization.

Cyber Incident Response

Our Cyber Incident Response services consultants can assist with forensic, cyber security risk mitigation, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and compliance efforts.

  • Strategy and Planning Consulting
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Cyber Emergency Breach Response
  • Compromise Assessments Services
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Business Continuity / Business Resiliency
  • Postmortem Report